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AAA Of Southern California

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Seeing the need to improve the welfare of the drivers, as well as improving road safety and the proposition of traffic laws, the Automobile Club of Southern California was instituted last December 13, 1900.

One of the milestones after its establishment, AAA of Southern California spearheaded the construction of the Ridge Route, which became that highway passing through the San Gabriel Mountains and Tehachapi Mountains that now connects Los Angeles and Bakersfield, the northern and southern California.

Automobile Club of Southern California is also responsible for the advancement of automobile cultures around California and its outlying areas. They hosted events that encourage them to observe road values, vacations, and hitchhiking. They also promoted a uniform signing system and were responsible for putting up road signs in most part of the state as well as surveying and producing road maps in the year 1910.

To date, Automobile Club of Southern California still operates with one goal in mind and that is to provide the best insurance service addressing the need in homes, cars, RVs, and watercrafts around the state. While it became one of the largest affiliates of American Automobile Association, its membership organization is still intact receiving free services, such as maps, help during travels, emergency assistance, and DMV services.

Moreover, the affiliation between the Automobile Club of Southern California and American Automobile Association further boosted the already good quality service and protection extended to its members, offering even more perks than before. This can be as simple as providing sound advice for their members who can’t make a decision when buying a new car. For traveling members, routes, travel plan, hotel room accommodations, and big discounts are covered as well. Surprisingly, they also provide a little cash assistance for their members who may be out of luck by supplying Visa Cards, traveler’s checks, and exchanges in foreign currency.

Automobile Club of Southern California continues to surprise its members all these years by providing superior and quality assistance, freeing them from all the worries in their auto and non-auto insurance needs. For a very minimal annual fee, all these innovative services, and more to come, will be enjoyed by many budding enthusiasts wanting to be part of this radical group.