How not to spend all your time paying for driving offences


There is a bridgeless chasm between knowing how to drive and being a good driver. You must understand that safe and efficient driving depends on two things: How you handle the car and your ability to follow traffic laws. Have a look at this list of familiar driving traps.

  • Adjust your driving seat according to your height. Don’t sit on the steering wheel and don’t sit so far back either that your feet can’t touch the pedals. The rear view mirror should show traffic behind you clearly- it’s not for putting on lipstick. Make sure your seat belt is on. Lock the doors and switch on child lock if there are children with you. Don’t let any kids sit in your lap and drive. If you have a baby, use a bay seat. Keep pets in the backseat- don’t have a big dog poking his body out of the window to bite unsuspecting pedestrians. Don’t get fuel filled with any eye-dropper; buy enough so you don’t run out unexpectedly.
  • Most accidents occur while reversing the car. Keep a watch on who else is reversing or driving in. Look out for little children and small pets. They don’t always show up in the rearview or side-view mirror. Reverse slowly: not at breakneck speed.
  • Keep to speed limits. This does not mean driving so slowly that all the traffic behind you is held up. Neither does it mean racing down the highway. Driving is not an ego trip about getting ahead of everyone else on the road.
  • Drive in the extreme left lanes only if you are going fast. Be careful when you switch lanes. Overtaking is another common driving disaster. Overtake only when there is no oncoming traffic. Do not overtake during a turn or when you top a hill rise. Remember to switch on your indicator before turning right or left. Don’t switch it at the last minute. Take care that you are in the correct lane for the u-turn. If you are not, wait until the intersection to take the u-turn; don’t turn from the extreme lane at right angles to a busy road.
  • Always stop at red traffic signals. Stop even if there is no other traffic at the intersection. Also remember to stop at a zebra crossing to let pedestrians cross. Driving an expensive car does not mean you get the road free with it.
  • Remember to park only where you are allowed to. Don’t use any convenient parking just because you’re too lazy to walk one block.
  • Don’t day-dream, chat on a mobile or have a cozy scene with your girlfriend when you drive. Keep your eyes on the road.
  • If you are looking a map for directions to some place, pull over and refer to it.

Driving is all about showing courtesy to motorists, pedestrians and traffic laws. Don’t risk your life or theirs by negligent and careless driving.