Would I ensure my teenage driver?


Nowadays, it is in the teenage years where one would start to drive. Undeniably, teenagers of the present generation feel more comfortable driving a car; some even make it an undeniable part of their lifestyle. This holds true even whether they actually own a car or not. In most cases, teenage drivers actually drive your car, and would be glad to be covered by your auto insurance policy. Meanwhile, when your teen acquires a separate car, they would be required to get their own car insurance plan. The fact here is that, if your teen gets a separate insurance policy, you would still pay for it. And it pays much. It is undeniable that teenage car insurance actually is expensive. But you don’t like it to be reason why you would neglect insuring your teenage driver. What are the facts then of insuring your teen?

Teens are generally viewed as irresponsible and reckless drivers, high risk drivers in other words, and that’s the reason why they are expensive. In fact, 13% of all fatal accidents on the road involve teenagers taking the wheel. 70% of them speed up when seeing the yellow light, and majority of them use their cellular phones while driving. In fact, teens 16 years of age are more likely to have an automobile accident than any other age, 3x more to be precise. Being high risk drivers brings with it a higher insurance price tag.

Given these facts, it is still far cheaper for parents to list their teens on their own insurance policy. This would hold very true especially when your teen does not own a car, and would drive your car from time to time. Generally, insurers cover dependents as long as they are part of your household, they drive your car with your permission, and they do not garage your cart outside the boundaries of your state.

However, when it comes to the point that your teen needs to have their own car, and needs to have their own insurance policy, it is wise to avail discount premiums. Enrolling your teen to a driving school would help a lot, for some insurance companies offer driving school discounts, aside from training him/her to be a good, courteous, and cautious driver. Some insurance companies also offer grade discounts, so encouraging your child to have good grades would help a lot. Isn’t this an added perk to your child’s academics?