Why should I give my teen car insurance?


As parents we would like to give the best for our children. We give them everything they need that we can afford. As much as possible we also do not want them to come to any harm. Car insurance protects people from accidents that might happen to them. So, to answer the question of why should a parent give their teens car insurance, the answer is simple. It is because we have a duty to protect our children and make sure they are protected from harm.

According to statistics the number one teen killer in the country is car related accidents. Car related accidents take the lives of thousands of teens per year and they injure a lot more. This is the reason why car insurance companies give higher premiums and rates to teen agers because they are statistically more risky to cover than the other age groups.

The fact of the matter is, teen driving is one of the most dangerous activities that your teen might ever do. It takes the lives of thousands of people and you will not know when it will ever happen to your teen. Car accidents usually happen in an instant and the results are disastrous. It is important that parents protect their teens from the possibility of it happening to them. Having a car with important safety features is not enough when it comes to the life of your flesh and blood. Giving them insurance may even be the one thing that will be able to save their lives.

A parent that gives their teens car keys but do not provide them protection is like giving their teens a death sentence. Parents need to understand that, as useful as they are, cars are still machines capable of hurting and killing people. Everyone near the car the moment the accident happens could be possible victims. That includes your teens.

Another reason for giving your teen’s car insurance is that you will not be always around to protect your children. Giving your teens car insurance gives you the peace of mind that, if ever you are needed to be away from your family, there will still be something that will protect them financially if they get in trouble.

No responsible parent ever wants their children to suffer. No intelligent parent will leave their children unprotected. Car insurance protects and prevents your children from suffering. What is money compared to the safety and life of your teen?