Why is it difficult to find affordable auto insurance for college students and teens?


The biggest challenge is to find affordable auto insurance for college students or teenaged drivers. This is due to the fact that they lack the driving experience. Insurance companies have a set of opinions about teenage drivers and base their rates on these assumptions. It is a matter of debate that some teenagers are far more cautious drivers when compared to the grownups. But the insurance companies always like to believe that teenagers cause more accidents.

But there is some hope and it is still possible to find affordable auto insurance rates for teens. Auto insurance is very competitive and companies offer a lot of discounts which you can avail. If you are unhappy with their terms then be honest and let them know. You can easily get a better offer.

Installing safety features in the vehicle can help avail a lot of discounts. Safety devices such as burglar alarms, anti-braking systems, air bags etc., can help in availing a lot of discounts. When you install safety features insurers know that these will help in reducing casualties and hence reduce the premiums.

As young drivers gain experience they are less likely to cause accidents. When they don’t get tickets and show a good driving record, their rates will automatically go down. Getting the teenager to enroll in a certified driving course will also help in getting affordable rates. This teaches them responsibility and also to be safe on the roads as well.

The age, model, and make of the vehicle are also taken into consideration. Parents like getting their children fancy sports cars without realizing that the auto insurance rates will head north. These are things that parents must bear in mind if they are looking for affordable auto insurance. Get a vehicle that is less likely to grab the attention of car thieves. This will help reduce premiums to a large extent.

Insurance companies also tend to charge higher premiums if the teenager’s grades are not good enough. They assume that a teenager with bad grades will also be irresponsible with the driving. Those with good grades are rewarded with discounts on their auto insurance premiums.

Even the area you live in makes a lot of difference. If you live an area which is theft prone, then your teenager’s premium is going to be high. These are just some of the aspects that can cause a hike in insurance rates but there are ways to bring them down as well.