Why is expensive to insure a teenager?


A veteran driver with a bad driving record can find his insurance premiums soaring to new heights every time he renews his policy or gets a new one from another company. Insuring a 16-year-old could prove just as costly or maybe even more. Drivers in this young group usually lack experience required for persons to have them considered good drivers. Consequently, they get the more expensive kind of auto insurance.

Their age has limited the time they have spent on the road learning to drive and still have to show that they know the best methods to drive safely not only for their benefit, but also for the safety of other people on the road. That is not to bring up their concern for property or lack of it. Will they do everything they can not to cause damage to their vehicle and that of other drivers?

Raging hormones can make teenage drivers disregard the fundamental laws and rules of safe driving. This attitude can result in traffic violations and accidents. Auto-insurance companies need to protect their business. They have statistics on vehicular mishaps involving teenage drivers and find it necessary charge them costly premiums.

Their reputation for thrill-seeking and lack of control keep even the most trustworthy teenagers from preventing insurance companies from coming up with this notorious classification and inflated insurance rates.

But it works this way only on the outset. Auto-insurance firms many progressively lower their rates for a teenager as the young driver grows older and learns more safe driving methods. Responsibility may only come with age — that is the how many insurers think.

If a young driver comes back every year to renew his car insurance and has a consistently spotless driving record, his insurance company will take note of this. The better his record is, the lower his auto-insurance premiums will be.