Why do teens and college students have higher premiums?


Good question. Listen to the news. Almost every week, there are casualties on the road. Most of these accidents are because of drunk driving, using mobile phones and steering only with one hand, and, driving without seatbelt. What more when these teens meet drunken adults who challenge them to drag race? It seems teens are always ready for these road challenges because they can look cool to their peers. These are but some of the very many reasons why teenagers and college students have higher premiums.

The higher risk of younger drivers roots to the fact of inexperience on the road. Having to drive a car on the road as a newbie is not a tough task, especially when you were only taught how to drive the start the engine and steer the wheel. There is much more to driving than these. Learning hand signals and knowing the utility of traffic lights and using them is important too. It is just as important as getting an insurance.

As a child, have you seen big signs that say: ‘Drive safely’? They weren’t there for you to stare at or just passively look at. Many of these huge boards are actually where accidents have happened and each year, their families would come to leave flowers and prayers. From one to a group of friends who have hit the road to go on a trip, many accidents have happened.

Car insurance is a responsibility to the teen or college student driver who knows how high the casualties can be for the younger age group. Although premiums are high, it is not enough reason not to drive uninsured. It is better not to have a car than have a car uninsured. It is illegal to drive without it. In fact, when caught without a license and an insurance, you are sure to end up in jail with your car confiscated from you until insurance has been made.

There is no avoiding of higher premiums when it comes to teens and college students. Once ‘teen’ or ‘college student’ is heard, the car insurance will right away place up to $2500 on premiums. However, there are a few possible ways to lessen the burden. Usually car insurance companies give discount to good graders in school and those that have taken driving courses. Take a research and find out more.

Still thinking why you need insurance and why you have higher premiums to pay?