Why do college students need car insurance?


“Do I really need this?” this is the question that most people ask themselves if they are caught in a situation where they are deciding whether to buy or not an expensive item.

Even if the purchase would cost you more than what your salary can pay you will tend to get it so long as it qualifies for a necessity.

This is true also in purchasing car insurances especially for teens and college students who are given more expensive premium rates than older people can get.

For young drivers, they are only allowed to have their own insurance when they reach the age of 18. Other than this, teens remain simply added to their parent’s policy. Either ways, availing of a car insurance for young people would cost them a lot. Teens and college students would not have enough money for this expensive item so the question is, do they really need a car insurance?

The answer to this question is, Of Course!

First it is necessitated by state-laws. It is a requirement for someone owning a car or just driving to be insured. The minimum level of auto insurance will do in this matter.

Second it is necessitated by banks and finance companies. This is true for those people who purchase using a loan or lease. The logic behind this is, of course, to watch over their investments.

Lastly, another important consideration why insurance is a necessity is for your own good. Yes, it is necessitated by-you and your financial stability. Life never guarantees our safety. We never know what things are awaiting us when we start hitting the road. If ever we encounter some accident, especially for teens and college students who, based on statistics, are more likely to be involved in such cases, being insured is really of great help.