What should you know about Auto Insurance Discounts for Student Drivers?


Students going to college may need a car for variety of reasons including daily commute to college, getting around the campus for daily needs and so on. But driving a car means paying for auto insurance, which may be heavy on pockets of students.

Teenagers and student drivers are considered reckless drivers by default in most of the insurance companies. So naturally, the premium rates for their automobile insurance will be very high. Although it must be understood that the high insurance can be gradually decreased with driving experience, there are ways in which premiums for student drivers can be decreased:

Economical instead of expensive:

Driving expensive sports cars may be dream-come-true for many students, but opting for economical cars with lower horse powers can help them save lots of insurance money. Sports cars and expensive cars are expensive to insure because premium rates will be high for such cars. If the model of the car is statistically shown to be safer on roads, insurance premium rates can go low accordingly.

Driving records:

Although there will not be much driving record to show for teenage drivers and students, keeping the records clean makes a difference. Driving records free of parking tickets, speeding tickets or driving under influence problems can help in obtaining lower premium rates. Usually students are known to speed on the roads, and therefore considered a high risk by insurance companies. Driving records free of speeding tickets not only make them better drivers but also makes the insurance companies treat them low risk drivers.

Mileage of the car:

The lesser students and teenagers drive, the lower their premium rates will be. If the student drivers show the mileage of the car within the preset limits of the insurance companies, they are treated low risk on roads and their monthly premiums will be lowered. If they drive too much and the mileage crosses the upper limit set by the insurance companies, if any, then their premium rates go up.

Special student discounts:

Students who maintain their GPAs at 3 and above every year get special student discounts. A good GPA means a responsible student, and insurance companies lower the premium rates of responsible drivers on road. Students will be eligible for special student discounts in many insurance companies when they show their credit reports to be good. The idea is to establish the fact that the teenage driver or the student driver getting insurance is responsible.