What contributes to my higher premium for being a teen/student driver?


The higher possibility of accidents when it comes to teen driving is number one on this list. The insurance companies anticipate that the student drivers will be more involved in accidents than drivers in other age groups.

Car type can also be a cause. More expensive cars can add more on your premium rate as a student. Not to mention riskier cars like old etc.

Traffic of place where you will be driving the car is also a factor. A more highly urbanized area will tend to have more risks rather than smaller, ‘safer’ areas.

Driving records will also have a large effect on how much your premium will cost. Bad records will mean more risks and eventually bigger payments.

Mileage on your car can also be a factor on your premium.

These are but some of the many factors that your insurance company may take into consideration in formulating the premium you must pay for your auto insurance. This is just to give you an idea on what the insurance companies consider when giving you your premium rates.