What comes first– the license or the insurance?


Usually, teenagers aspiring to drive get covered by their parents’ car insurance first before getting their license. Teenagers often borrow their parents’ insurance-covered cars to learn driving before they get their own car or get their driver’s license for them to borrow their parents’ cars. So, when teenagers have already secured their learner’s license, parents usually already add them to their insurance coverage. This cuts the cost of possible problems while the teenager drives while still under their learner’s license. It’s difficult for parents to swallow the possibility of having their cars damaged and their children involved in accidents without insurance.

Sometimes, however, the insurance may come first before the driver’s license depending on your insurance carrier. Some insurance carriers require its covered drivers to have drivers’ licenses before getting insured. Usually, teenage drivers are still dependent on their parents whether still on their driver’s learning stage or already driving. They don’t drive off independently because they’re still supported and assisted by their parents financially. Normally, however, it’s not the driver who is insured but the car. If the car is the one insured, sometimes, depending on one’s car insurance package, it already includes insurance for a teen driver.