What can teens and college students do to lower their auto insurance premium?


The simplest answer to this question would be to study well. Those teens and college students who get excellent grades in college will receive attractive discounts on their auto insurance premiums. This is because auto insurance providers consider top grade students to be more mature and less reckless even while driving. This perspective and image of being responsible wins attractive auto insurance discounts for the students. In fact, this is the simplest way for students to get auto insurance coverage at an attractive rate.

There is another way in which teens and college students can look to getting cheaper auto insurance premiums for their insurance coverage. This is by taking up driving courses either online or in a driving school. By getting certification from a reputed driving school or by finishing a reputed driving course online, students and teens can show their proficiency behind the wheel. This competency at driving, with excellent knowledge of the traffic rules and regulations, allows students and teens to claims for auto insurance discounts on the monthly premiums that they pay. Moreover, the driving courses will also provide teens and students with greater awareness and knowledge of best practices while driving and things to be careful about. This will make them safer drivers. With a clean driving record, they can get discounts after a year or two from auto insurance providers who will consider the driving record before providing an auto insurance quote.

Teens and college students can also go for special insurance policies if they are not too keen about their privacy while driving. For example, in some states insurance providers are offering discounts up to 25% on the auto insurance premium to those who install special gadgets in their vehicles. These gadgets measure the mileage of the customer as well as the driving pattern and adherence to traffic laws like sticking to speed limits, rashness in terms of frequency of braking, etc. For teens and college students, this is a good opportunity to get auto insurance discount at a lower cost. Similarly, some innovative plans include setting up of cameras inside the car which can be monitored by parents. This is to avoid bad driving habits such as texting while driving or being distracted by conversations with others in the vehicle. Students who have credit cards can also develop a good credit score, which can lead to lower auto insurance premium.