What are the different options college students have to get car insurance?


College life is one of the toughest and most challenging stages a person will experience. Homework, finding a job, and being with friends among other things are factors being dealt by students in college. To help them get around and live through college with ease is driving on their cars. As a college student one uses his or her car twice as often than when he or she was not yet in college. As a result, the risk of getting into car or road accidents also increases two times. However, the idea of buying car insurance for a person under 25 years old makes students shrink due its high cost. Tough it can be an option to skip the insurance all together; this could lead to regrets and trouble in the future. Troubles like losing one’s license, paying expensive fines and going to jail may occur when students are not insured.

An option students may consider on choosing relies on their parents plan. Helping them with the cost of their premiums is a great choice, especially if the college student is living with his or her parents while going to school. Some money can be saved if one joins with his/her parent’s auto insurance plan: this is a good way to benefit from having your car insured. This way of saving can give the utmost impact considering a college student’s financial status. Another option lies on the student’s academic performance. Having a grade point average of above 3.0 is looked upon by most major insurance companies for it will lower premiums based on the student’s GPA. Being on the dean’s list will even further affect the reduction of the premiums. This shows that good academic performance is one option to consider especially for young men for they are viewed to be a greater insurance risk.

Finally, one other option to be considered is the type of car the student has. Having the right car and looking at its right features can affect the cause of one’s insurance plan in a big way. It is recommended to pick an old or a second hand vehicle. Keep in mind that newer cars will bring about higher insurance rates, so get older cars but make sure it has the appropriate safety features such as airbags, car alarm system, and stability system for these features will also reduce price and is an essential consideration before you get insured.

These are just a few options and ways for college students to get car insurance at a low price. Always bear in mind these options, and prevent your car and your way of driving to become a financial nightmare.