What are the affordable auto insurance options for college students?


Being in college is a great feeling but being able to obtain affordable auto insurance is not. As auto insurance premiums are generally very high for college students as insurance companies assume that youngsters are all reckless drivers and cause accidents as they don’t have enough driving experience. However, there are insurers who do give young adults discounts and also provide them with cheap auto insurance. But, it is important to understand that there are a few factors that can affect auto insurance for young motorists.

Generally, college students are covered under the auto insurance policies of their parents, in case the student’s primary address is that of the parent’s house. However, some of the specifics vary from one state to another and you may want to discuss this with your insurer before you purchase the policy.

There are some insurers who offer the good student discount to young drivers. If you have been a good student and have achieved good grades, then you should obviously be rewarded and these auto insurance companies offer discounts to such students.

If you have a clean driving record with fewer traffic violations then you can avail some decent discount. However, if you have serious violations on your driving record you must be prepared to shell out more on your auto insurance.

The type of vehicle you drive will also make a whole lot of difference on your auto insurance rates. For instance, if you drive around in a sports car, you can be sure that your auto insurance premiums will skyrocket. Hence, it would make more sense to drive around in a less expensive car as your premiums will also go down.

Where you drive or the location you drive in also has a direct bearing on your auto insurance premiums. The amount you drive is another factor that will affect your premiums. However, if you drive at school the rates will change. Student drivers who drive around in urban areas will have to pay more when compared to those who drive around in rural areas.

Even the vehicles you purchase have different ratings. Hence, you must ensure that you consider vehicles that offer the most affordable auto insurance rates.

Installing some of the safety features in the vehicle will also help you avail a lot of discounts. There are some safety features that are installed by the manufacturer but you could also get some of the additional safety devices installed in order to avail discounts.