Most Recent Auto Insurance Questions in Teens And College Students

  • Q: How can auto insurance help protect teens and college students?

    One popular truth about teen insurance is that it costs a lot more then basic insurance for older people. This goes for a majority (if not all) of the insurance companies. The reasons behind it are not solely based on the fact that teenagers are young and inexperienced, but rather it is based on the data and tremendous amount of … (more) July 19, 2010

  • Q: Why do Teenagers Have Higher Insurance Premiums?

    Before we delve into the details as to why teenagers have higher premiums, let us first analyze the situation. So Mom and Dad finally bought you a brand new car or maybe you were able to buy one through a part time job. But what do you do next? What makes the entire driving experience complete? Apart from any … (more) July 17, 2010

  • Q: What are the best ways to drop auto insurance rates for teenagers enrolled in college?

    It is a known fact that teenagers or college students pay greater amount of rates in auto insurance compared to adults. This is mainly because of the reputation that teenagers have when behind the wheel of a car, as they are studied and proven to be more vulnerable and more at risk to unwanted road accidents. Luckily, there are … (more) June 11, 2010

  • Q: What are the tips to find out how much auto insurance cost for teens under 25 years of age?

    Auto insurance rates differ depending on who carries them. One way to find out how much it will cost to be insured for young drivers below 25 years old is to talk to the companies that one is interested in to be insured. This is usually the first step in finding out which policies best suites you. Usually, car insurance … (more) June 10, 2010

  • Q: How do grades in college affect the price of car insurance?

    Once parents allow their child to finally drive a car, one of their biggest concerns is being able to afford good and credible auto insurance for their teenage son or daughter. Parents and their child often have a hard time coping with the financial constraints that getting auto insurance gives them because of the historical accounts that young drivers have … (more) June 9, 2010

  • Q: Is it important for my driving teenager to get auto insurance?

    It always better to be safe than be sorry at the end of the day. Statistics point out that the probability of getting into serious road accidents is higher for those who fall under the teenager class. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of injuries for teenagers. Though anyone does not want this to happen it is important … (more) June 8, 2010

  • Q: How is it that teenagers get more expensive car insurance rates?

    Of all the demographic group of individuals, insurance companies put more demand on teenagers. Like all other insurance companies, auto insurance relies solely on knowing who is more vulnerable to risk. The higher the risk one person may bring or cause, the bigger premium a company charges in order to moderate that risk. So what is the real reason behind … (more) June 7, 2010

  • Q: What are the ways to get the best deal on car insurance for teens?

    One of the greatest experiences and achievements a person will have once he/she hits adolescence is when one attains his/her driver’s license. This alone will have a big impact on the teenager’s social and school life, and will mark the beginning steps in maturity. Obtaining auto insurance for a teenager’s car is not as easy as it sounds. Most … (more) June 6, 2010

  • Q: Is the state I live in, or the state I am studying college in the best place to insure my own car?

    A student attending college at a point will realize the importance of getting car insurance. One frequently asked problem is the best place to get insured. The best, meaning the cheapest way, should one get insured in the state he/she lives in or the state where he/she is studying in? Generally, the decision relies upon the guidelines of the insurance … (more) June 5, 2010

  • Q: What are the different options college students have to get car insurance?

    College life is one of the toughest and most challenging stages a person will experience. Homework, finding a job, and being with friends among other things are factors being dealt by students in college. To help them get around and live through college with ease is driving on their cars. As a college student one uses his or her car … (more) June 4, 2010

  • Q: Is the auto insurance really necessary for teens?

    In this ever changing world where technology and modern tools are commonly used to get around places such as trains, trams, bikes and cars, one can never deny the fact that in driving and road accidents, teenagers are often involved in such events. Several aspects can be seen as on why auto insurance is important to anyone especially teenagers.  Protection. … (more) June 3, 2010

  • Q: How to reduce car insurance cost for teens?

    At our present age, we can never deny the fact that getting around places is most easy with wheels. Cars and driving has been one, if not the most important technological breakthroughs in the world, and sooner or later everyone you know will be driving a car. Having a teen in your household is a very important matter when you … (more) June 2, 2010

  • Q: What is the easiest way to find car insurance companies of your child?

    We can never deny the fact that there are many companies that offer car insurances. However, as a parent, you want to get the best for your teens without having to sacrifice the great deals that other car companies can give. Parents find it that there is a need to quote or canvass different companies because of the price of … (more) May 20, 2010

  • Q: What can car insurances do to my teenager’s life?

    No one actually knows how relevant car insurances are until they have discovered the inner logic of this necessity. This can only be done by utilizing its use, and extracting its benefits and advantages. Parents can actually have an advantage to this. By giving their teens financial support and allowing them to have their own cars, their children’s life can … (more) May 17, 2010

  • Q: How does car insurance benefit the parents?

    Do you know that parents can also benefit from applying teen car insurance? How? Look in to it deeper, and read this, as it will unfold the secrets of teen insurances. Parents nowadays find it hard to connect with their daughters. Technology has actually separated them from being together. Most children want to indulge in the internet, talk with … (more) May 14, 2010

  • Q: How do parents get to be involved with their teen?

    Students who want to have cars must first get the consent of their parents. Parents on the other hand, before accepting and approving the requests of their daughters and sons, should be equipped with words of wisdom that will teach their children to be responsible on the road. If parents neglect on having one on one conversation with their children, … (more) May 11, 2010

  • Q: What are the easy steps that teenagers must follow to have lower price of car insurance?

    Owning a car has been a trend for almost all teenagers and college students. Car owners have set a fad statement in the university. Apparently it became a necessity, for it is much easier and comfortable when students own their car. Nonetheless, parents see this as another way of teaching their child and making them more independent. Owning a … (more) May 8, 2010

  • Q: How do car insurance rates vary?

    Car insurance rates vary from company to company. Teenagers, as well as their parents, would like to know the factors that determine the rates of their car insurance and their policies. This kind of factor actually differ in every company, which is why some teenagers will notice that there are companies that offer cheaper insurance rates than the other. Sometimes, … (more) May 5, 2010

  • Q: How can a teenager get a good discount of car insurance?

    Almost all insurance companies do not offer discounts to student or teenage college drivers. Seeing the teenagers records on the road dismay and alarm them. Apparently the companies lead them to higher the rates of auto insurances. Unfortunately, parents suffer even after being very good and giving to their children. So how do teenagers console dismays of parents? There … (more) April 14, 2010

  • Q: How can parents reduce big payments of car insurances?

    Teenage license is only available to age starting from 18 and above, if and when they do not belong to this range, their only way to obtain driver’s license is through their parents, which is actually stated by the law. Hence parents are still the only reliable persons in this situation. Still, after giving capricious wishes of their children, parents … (more) April 13, 2010