Most Recent Auto Insurance Questions in Teens And College Students

  • Q: Is it possible to get auto insurance with just a learning permit?

    According to the Independent Insurance Agents of America out of ten students seven have cars. This is the picture of today’s roads and highways. Across states there are different restrictions about the legal age for people allowed to drive nonetheless in general we have a lot of young drivers today. It is mandated by state laws that everyone who drives … (more) November 4, 2010

  • Q: How can you get affordable auto insurance for teens and college students?

    Driving can be one of the most exciting parts of teenage life for young drivers. Having their own ride somehow gives teens a sort of independence however driving can be more expensive for young people. Teens and college students are generally considered to be risky drivers by auto insurance companies thus giving them really expensive rates. Today’s economy suggest to … (more) November 3, 2010

  • Q: What do teens and student drivers should know about auto insurance?

    Just like in any other things first timers in driving should not have a hard time adjusting. There is just one important word first timers should remember, that is “understanding.”Indeed understanding the ABCs of auto insurance policies is one way for beginners who are likely to be teens and college students to fully comprehend their driving life. Driving means you … (more) November 2, 2010

  • Q: What factors should be considered when shopping for teen auto insurance?

    In most states having auto insurance is a must for everyone who drives. Everyone means everyone so when your teen starts driving you have to purchase auto insurance coverage that would fit your child’s needs. There are important factors that must be considered when shopping for auto insurance policy for your teen. Since generally auto insurance policies for young drivers … (more) November 1, 2010

  • Q: Why are teens and college students’ auto insurance policies very expensive?

    Auto insurance companies are always taking into consideration how risky are their prospective policyholders. This is how they determine primarily what rate to give to a person. This makes premium rates different from place to place and from person to person. Auto insurance coverage is a must in almost all states. So when your teen or college student started to … (more) October 31, 2010

  • Q: What should I look out for in student auto insurance?

    Coverage – this is the main thing you’re looking for in auto insurance. Your auto insurance should be able to give you assistance with almost everything that can happen to you and your vehicle. May it be in times of vehicular accidents, theft or natural calamities, your auto insurance should always have the capability to answer to everything. Affordability – … (more) September 17, 2010

  • Q: How to get auto insurance for Teens and College Students?

    Aside from knowing the types of coverage you should get your car, a new driver must know how to get the right auto insurance for the right price. And being a student driver or a teen ager with a new car, you may get tempted to get an auto insurance right away, without taking good care not to fall for … (more) September 16, 2010

  • Q: What Beginner (Teens and College student) Drivers Should Know About Auto Insurance Coverage

    A newbie driver, more likely to be teens or college students can be very excited to drive out their new car at first. Even though they do have auto insurance and they think they are properly protected, once an accident occurs or their car gets damaged, they get surprised about how little the coverage will be for their car. Proper … (more) September 15, 2010

  • Q: What can I do to lower my premium rates?

    You may think that the solutions may mean having to take more legal steps or more difficult ways but there are really simpler ways in which you may reduce you premium costs. Get a more reliable/’cleaner’ driving record – you may do this by avoiding accidents as much as possible and also enrolling in driving lessons or schools that … (more) September 14, 2010

  • Q: What contributes to my higher premium for being a teen/student driver?

    The higher possibility of accidents when it comes to teen driving is number one on this list. The insurance companies anticipate that the student drivers will be more involved in accidents than drivers in other age groups. Car type can also be a cause. More expensive cars can add more on your premium rate as a student. Not to mention … (more) September 14, 2010

  • Q: Reasons for Higher Auto Insurance Premiums for College Students

    Being a student can be very expensive. Aside from the usual stuff like tuition, books, rent, food and cell phone bills, having a car can really boost your expenses. Why you ask? Because law requires every car owner to get auto insurance for his/her car. And being a student, it can weigh heavier on you more than you think. Why … (more) September 13, 2010

  • Q: FAQ’s for Teens and College Students Thinking About Getting Auto Insurance

    Doing your research for auto insurance for your car can be difficult especially if you don’t know the things that make up auto insurance and make it reliable. Being a teen driver (and/or a college student at the same time) you should know more about auto insurance. And you should know that it doesn’t mean that accidents are the only … (more) September 12, 2010

  • Q: Be a Young and Responsible Driver, Get Auto Insurance

    Being a new to driving can be very exciting. Especially if you just received your first car as a gift from your parents for your 18th birthday or you just got that 2nd hand car from all the salary you got as a working student. You might want to just hold on to that steering wheel after you get your … (more) September 11, 2010

  • Q: Is there a way to cut the premium on a college student?

    There are more than one possible ways to cut the costs on your high premiums. It is not fresh news that premiums are high when it comes to teenagers and college students. In a range of ages, car insurance companies report that the younger the driver, the higher risk is involved. There are a lot of factors that can prove … (more) July 26, 2010

  • Q: Why do teens and college students have higher premiums?

    Good question. Listen to the news. Almost every week, there are casualties on the road. Most of these accidents are because of drunk driving, using mobile phones and steering only with one hand, and, driving without seatbelt. What more when these teens meet drunken adults who challenge them to drag race? It seems teens are always ready for these road … (more) July 25, 2010

  • Q: I need to find a way to lower insurance costs. What should I do?

    As teenagers going to college, it’s another tough job to handle. The pressure is coming in as the need to graduate is high in demand to be able to get a job. As much as possible, parents would want their children to focus on studies. And to reward them, there’s always a car to give for a gift. But college … (more) July 24, 2010

  • Q: Why Should I Consider Car Insurance As A Teen Driver?

    When the wheels are in the hands of a rookie, who knows what may happen on the road? Car insurance companies are popping out like pancakes because of the increasing need to save up for accidents. And on top of the worst drivers are teen and college student drivers. Insurance works well to avoid paying from the pocket in emergency … (more) July 23, 2010

  • Q: What lessons should my son learn, being a new car owner?

    Being a rookie on the road, usually teens take it as a crazy ride to learning. Learning from mistakes is good, but what is better is to avoid the mistakes by learning before driving. Car insurance premiums are high for these kids because they are more prone to accidents than any other age group. Rather than something that the teen … (more) July 22, 2010

  • Q: How much auto insurnace coverage do teens and college students need?

    As much as possible. Teens seriously need a lot of insurance coverage for their vehicles because they tend to have more accidents than most types of drivers. This is not a statement made to demean teenagers and their driving ethics, but rather it is something proven by statistical data and research done by insurance companies worldwide. It is said that … (more) July 21, 2010

  • Q: How can I get a lower car insurance rate for my teen?

    Insurance can help you through financial challenges. This is most applicable for first time drivers, especially teenagers. Not only will insurance pay for the damages, but there is more assurance and safety precautions made for the person driving. To get insurance for your teen is a wise choice. However, to lower the insurance cost is another issue. All insurance companies … (more) July 20, 2010