My teen is now insured. What can I do to cut costs?


If you are trying to save money on the insurance premiums of your teen while they are on their policies, some strategies can be done. (1) You can take out home and car insurance policies through the same company. You may be able to benefit from a multiple-policy discount. (2) Talk to your children about safe driving. If you will be a role model, there is a big possibility that your child will also become a safe driver.
(3) Pick a safe car. Not only are you secured with your child’s safety, the cost of your insurance is also low since safe cars save more money on insurance cost. (3) Raising the deductible will also lower your premium. Get quotes and compares pros and cons before making any decision. (4) If your child gets a good grade, a B or better, his/her insurance rates will drop. This will save their parents from headaches and money matters.