Is the state I live in, or the state I am studying college in the best place to insure my own car?


A student attending college at a point will realize the importance of getting car insurance. One frequently asked problem is the best place to get insured. The best, meaning the cheapest way, should one get insured in the state he/she lives in or the state where he/she is studying in?

Generally, the decision relies upon the guidelines of the insurance company and the laws in one’s home state, and the state where one is attending college in. Usually, a student studying or enrolled out of the state of residence will have to discuss and negotiate with his/her agent to find out if the coverage will reach you while you are out of state at college. A number of insurance companies will allow college students to keep their policy, and coverage agreements in tact while they are enrolled and attend college, while some companies will not for it all depends on how far the student is from his/her home state to the state he/she is attending college in.

Basically, everything depends on which state the college student is attending in. Some states will even need to require students to comply with their state insurance policies. An example would be in Louisiana. If the student lives in Los Angeles and goes to school in Texas, keeping an auto insurance may cause problems, depending on the company that insured the student. It would be up to the guidelines of the student’s individual insurance carrier whether or not they would still continue and push through with the policy or drop the student, so that he/she would get insurance from Texas as stated by the Louisiana Insurance Commissioner. But if the company is licensed to do business in Texas, then the individual should be able to stick with that company. Another example is the policy in the state of Florida. According to the state commissioner, Florida orders any person who has a car in Florida owned for more than 90 days are required to buy personal injury protection and property damage liability insurance coverage.

To determine the best location to get insured, start by trying to speak with one’s current insurance agent to see if the certain policies will cover you. If not, then the individual will opt to get insured in the place or state he/she is attending college in. Calling the Department of Motor Vehicles and other insurance regulators is the best way to get the necessary information one wishes to have concerning the best location to get insured.