Is it prudent to add teenagers and college students to the car insurance policy?


When a person adds teenagers and college students to the car insurance policy, the premium would become quite high. As such, many parents are scared when their teenagers wish to be added to the policy list. However, this problem could be solved by assuring the insurance company that the car being used by the teenager is a small, safe, and cheap car. Further, the insurance company should be made to understand that the number of miles the teenager would drive the car would be much less. The teenager and the parents should assure the insurer that the car would not be used without purpose. The college student should try to increase his/her credit rating before applying for inclusion in the policy list. The teenager should also improve the study record and score excellent marks. All these would convince the insurance company that the teenager is a responsible person and would not misbehave or indulge in rash driving. On the other hand, if the parents believe that their kid is an impulsive person, it would be advisable to exclude that kid from the car insurance policy list until the kid matures and becomes a responsible person. When the teenager is denied driving due to lack of car insurance, the natural psychology itself would convert the teenager into a conscientious person.