How to negotiate on student auto insurance for young drivers?


Buying insurance for the first time for students and teen drivers must be done with patience. Teenage and college students are invariably charged higher premium rates, since they are considered reckless drivers, since they do not have the experience required to be safe on roads.

There are some ways to reduce premium rates and enjoy a new car without the worry of paying higher premium rates:

  • Investing in a safe car, rather than a sports model that is known to be risky on roads, can save a lot of money, both while buying the car and paying the insurance. While driving a sports car is fun and exciting, they cost a lot more in terms of insurance, which takes away the most of monthly budget. Also, investing in expensive cars may not be advisable, since the cost of repairing or replacing them in the case of damage will be higher. Naturally, the premium rate for cars that are expensive is also higher.
  • Enrolling as an add-on to the insurance policy of a family member helps in reducing premium rates. Enrolling onto a family insurance policy ensures more safety and accountability on the student drivers. This is the reason insurance companies provide discounts on the premium rates.
  • Defensive driving classes are another effective way to reduce monthly premium rates. Students and teen drivers who can get a certificate for their defensive driving classes can get a lower insurance premium quote than others.
  • There is no better proof than driving records for safe driving. Having a clean driving record certainly matters in getting low quotes. Although the license will be relatively new at the time of purchasing insurance, students who drive safe qualify for a decreased premium rates, over a period time.
  • Simple tricks like using the car only when required, to keep the mileage under the limit set by the insurance company, driving on safe roads and not heavy traffic zones, installing safety equipments like auto lock seat belts, anti theft devices and so on can help reducing premium rates effectively.
  • Lastly, reviewing the insurance policy at least once every year is important. Sometimes, students end up paying more than they should, by continuing the same policy for years. The new discounts that they qualify for will apply when they review their policies every year.

Driving without insurance can be very dangerous, especially for young drivers, since they are still novice to driving skills. Having enough coverage and not just the minimum requirement is necessary for new drivers without experience.