How to lower the cost of car insurance for teenagers?


You could get car insurance for your teenager cheaper if you know what the things to avoid and not to avoid. First is the type of car your teenager is driving. Teens like to drive fast, so they want a sports car, but finding car insurance for a sports car would be quite expensive. Because remember higher the horsepower, higher the insurance premium. And also sports cars are quite a thief magnet so they tend to have expensive insurance. If sports car isn’t a good choice, then an old and heavier car would be a good one. In older and heavier cars, it is safer to drive because it is not easy to drive recklessly in this heavy cars, and cheaper to insure. Consumers can also drop the collision and comprehensive insurance and just only carry out the liability insurance, lowering again the price of the insurance.

Next would be how your teen’s driving performance is. Driving recklessly causing folded fenders or even getting traffic tickets can affect to cost of your teen’s car insurance. So it would be advisable for your teen to take driving lessons, though in some states driving lessons are not mandatory, some car insurance companies may lower the price of your teen’s car insurance if he does well on his driving lessons. And do advice your teen to be responsible and follow traffic rules, because car insurance companies give another consideration to responsible teens. Car insurance companies tend to give lower price to those teens that are having good grades in school, because they think that if these teens are responsible at school; they can also be responsible drivers.

Last but won’t be the least would be to choose whether you’re teen would be included in your family policy or would he have a separate policy for himself. Including your teen in your current car insurance could be a bit expensive than having him have his separate car insurance. It would be advisable for you to compare first different insurance policies, and try to have one that best fit your teen. And in case you choose to have your teen his own separate car insurance tell him that a good record of driving would lessen the cost of the insurance per time to time. Make sure he/she doesn’t get into any accident to have a perfectly clean record and low insurance.