How to get auto insurance for Teens and College Students?


Aside from knowing the types of coverage you should get your car, a new driver must know how to get the right auto insurance for the right price. And being a student driver or a teen ager with a new car, you may get tempted to get an auto insurance right away, without taking good care not to fall for otherwise useless and at the same time expensive auto insurance offers.

Being a student will mean having to deal with more things than regular drivers when it comes to applying for auto insurance. Different steps will have to be taken by students to do this.

How should I get auto insurance?

  1. First of all, you should take a good look at the different offers of auto insurance companies out there. Get quotes for student drivers from different companies and compare which will give you more coverage for a more reasonable price
  2. Being a student, your needs will be different from other regular drivers coming from different age groups as assessed by the auto insurance companies. Even your driving patterns, environment and location will also be varied from other drivers. Make sure that you inform your insurance company about this so they may quote you more accurately.
  3. Make sure you get yourself a clean driving record. This will greatly affect your auto insurance approval and premium quotation. Being a student driver, you are already considered a ‘high risk.’ Having accident records and violation tickets can make your application difficult and make your premium bigger.
  4. Find an insurance company that can offer you better rates for having consistent good grades. Getting a good defensive driving lesson can be a good step into getting auto insurance. This can also significantly give you good discounts on your premium.
  5. Also, consult your states requirements for auto insurance to make sure your insurance provider’s terms and policies meet with your state’s requirements. Different states have different auto insurance laws and requirements so be sure you know them all to avoid getting penalties.
  6. Also make sure that your car will not be more of a liability than an asset for you. Safer and cheaper cars will be easier to apply for auto insurance rather than expensive and theft-inviting ones. Having safety car installations like airbags, seatbelts, anti lock brakes and anti-theft devices can get you that approval fast and can also lower your quotation.