How to get a lower car insurance rate for teens and college students?


For major car accidents, a 17-year old is five times more likely to be involved than a 35-year old.

Of all fatal road accidents, 13% involves, teenagers driving cars.

As reported by National Safety Council, teenagers have a 3 times higher tendency of being killed in automobile accidents than people of ages 25-64.

Statistical data shows that majority of teenagers are using cellular phones while driving.

A huge 70% of young drivers are found to be speeding up when they see the yellow light.

These facts and figures explain the reason why teens and college students have higher car insurance rates than any other age group.

People with the age lower than 25 carry with them the expectation that they are less careful on the roads thus they get the worst insurance premium rates.  It is no surprise then that the most common question frequently asked by both parents and teens or college students is “how to avail a lower car insurance policy for young drivers?”

Let us first focus on what teens and college students do to somehow lower the sky high price of their car insurance.

Young people below 25 years of age are the main characters of this scenario, thus they can do several things with regards to this expensive rates.

During the first years we couldn’t really convince the insurance company to give us lower rates. However given enough time we can prove to them that we do not belong to those large percentages of young people who are reckless on the roads. Keeping a good driving record will pull the price down.

With mere considering of the teenagers lifestyle, people might readily agree with them being pre-defined as risky. Thus young people have a lot to prove. Teens and college students can start by learning how to deal with distractions on driving like cell phone use and friends. According to studies, teen drivers are more likely to be involved in risky driving if they are accompanied by another teen in the car.

Also attending parties is very much associated with teens and guys admit it, you do love parties! Hence most teenagers do driving at nighttime which is, as according to research, is one driving condition largely related to crashes.

Another important thing to do is getting good grades in school to avail student’s discount insurance companies are offering. One need not to be Einstein-like, an average of B or 3.0 grades will do in this case.

In addition to this, teens and college students can help in making their premium rates lower by not asking for too expensive and flashy cars. This might not sound good for young people who are dreaming their entire life of driving luxury or sports car. Reserve this dream when you reach 25. But for the mean time, remain dreaming while you practice driving with less expensive cars, for these require lower insurance rates as well.