How to find cheap car insurance for teens?


Most often statistics speak volumes and this is also the case with the safety of the young drivers.  As per the research, at least two out of five road deaths were of teens and young adults in the 15-24 age groups.  Based on the findings of the federal studies conducted in the US, teen drivers are twice at the risk of dying as adult drivers.  The risk is higher in younger adults and 16-year-olds are thrice as likely to die as an 18-year-old.  Hence, it is only natural that car insurance providers have hiked up their charges for their young drivers.

In the year 2008 many car insurance companies in the UK totally stopped giving quotes to 17-year-olds.  Hence teens hardly get a good insurance quote as the chances are very slim.  Although there are insurers who claim that they are specialists at offering quotes to young adults, their high premiums actually speak volumes.

Hence, the teenagers themselves must make an honest effort and find the cheapest insurance possible.  They must ensure that they have taken every step to bring down the premiums to an affordable quote.

The first things that teenagers should think of is the insurance while buying a car and even before signing up at the dealership.  Make sure you know which car insurance group the car would fit in even before making the purchase.  The rankings of car insurance groups go from 1 to 20 and the lower car insurance groups reflect the vehicles which are easy to repair, parts are accessible, low performance but high in safety features.  These vehicles will typically attract low premiums.

Cars which have small engines and vehicles that have no modifications done are the ones that are most likely to get rewarded by insurers as they would not be driven at high speeds and they are not likely to get stolen.

It is quite tempting sometimes to give in to the demands made by teenage kids.  Their demands might include buying them a sports vehicle for instance.  That is the worst thing that any parent could do for their child.  Firstly, sports vehicles are high on speed and the temptation to drive at top speeds cannot be controlled.  This is generally a risky situation and this can be avoided and parents have to remain firm on that.  Insurance on sports vehicles also cost a lot and it is better to avoid sports vehicles for a variety of reasons.