How much auto insurnace coverage do teens and college students need?


As much as possible. Teens seriously need a lot of insurance coverage for their vehicles because they tend to have more accidents than most types of drivers. This is not a statement made to demean teenagers and their driving ethics, but rather it is something proven by statistical data and research done by insurance companies worldwide. It is said that people below the age of 25 tend to be involved in more traffic accidents than the normal adults. This is why it is of utmost importance that a teenager, as much as possible, gets the best insurance coverage.

But how does this happen? What kinds of insurance coverage must be considered in terms of teen insurance?

The most effective thing to do is to first analyze what type of accidents teenagers usually get into. Surely, not a lot of teenagers run over a person on a daily basis, so the accidents most likely to occur are the ones that involve hitting property or random things (Like a lamppost, fire hydrant or the wall while parking. Another thing to consider is liability or the legal needs of a student in case he or she is brought to a situation where in legal rights are needed. This is where insurance comes in. When it is the fault of the teenager, it is the insurance company that actually deals with property repair and the medical bills of the other party. This not only prevents the teen from developing a bad psychological effect due to an unexpected traffic incident, it also frees the teen from the hassles of an unwanted experience.

Natural calamities and disasters are also some of the things to consider in car insurance. In times of global warming, unexpected twists of events are likely to occur. Therefore, it is up to you if you would also like to avail of comprehensive coverage or not.

Lastly, one has to consider what other types of problems a certain teenager is most likely to get into. Another effective thing to do when talking about how much coverage is needed is to assess the teen as a driver. What are the probable things or incidents the teen is most likely to get into? Is this person an impatient person, is the teen a bit careless or aloof? By knowing how the teenager is, as a driver, you will be able to see what type of coverage is needed.