How can you lower auto insurance rates for teens and college students?


Auto insurance providers offer different kinds of rates to different kinds of people. The premiums differ from working professionals to housewives, seniors to teens and college students. The bottom line is that the insurance rates go up for those who are considered risky by the insurance provider. In recent times, a major percentage of accidents have involved teenagers. That is the reason auto insurance rates seem to be higher for college students and teenagers compared to other customers. This is also because teenagers and college students seem to be far more distracted travelling in groups and texting often. Here are some ways to bring down the insurance rates.

Get good grades

It is incredible to note that good grades actually convince the auto insurance providers that the college students will drive responsibly. Therefore teens and students will do well with their insurance rates as long as they perform well at college. This means good students are considered more favourably by insurance providers who are looking for various indications that suggest the driving pattern of an individual.

Driving courses

There are many driving schools which offer courses for responsible driving and provide certifications. Getting these certifications will help teens prove to the insurance providers that they are competent drivers who are well aware of the rules of the road. The driving courses will also help teens and college students learn the nuances of driving and maintain an impeccable record on the road. The safer an individual is with his driving, the better it is for his auto insurance rates.

Modern gadgets

Teens and college students can counter the general negative impression about them by going with special strategies introduced by some insurance providers. These include installation of cameras to record the driving habits of the teens and send the pictures for the supervision of parents. There are also gadgets which record the driving patterns of the students based on their acceleration and braking. This supervision by parents would mean that the driving levels would be less reckless and hence the chances of getting involved in accidents would be drastically reduced too. As a result insurance providers can feel comfortable in lowering the auto insurance rates significantly.

Combining with other policies

If the teens’ auto insurance policy is combined with that of the parents’ there is a chance to get a substantial discount from the insurance provider as you become a preferred client.