How can we get cheaper car insurance for our teen?


If our teenager acquires a separate car, it is inevitable that he/she must be able to avail a separate car insurance plan. Meanwhile, teens taking the wheel actually are a costly and often troublesome experience for us parents. Aside from the risk of them getting involved in accidents or traffic violations, and the burden of additional gas bills to be paid, generally, teen car insurance plans are pretty expensive. How come?

Statistics point out. According to the National Safety Council, teenagers are three times more likely to be killed in car accidents as compared to adults aging from 25 to 64 years old. The reason is simple. As compared to adults, teenagers are less cautious drivers. In fact, they are more careless, and even reckless, when handling their automobiles in the middle of the road. Being a teenager usually is the time when one is looking for an identity, or is always in search of fun, even to the point that they use their vehicles recklessly to do so. Although this fact does not speak for all teenagers, car insurance companies do take note of this stereotype, and it does affect car insurance policies. In addition, car insurance for males are more likely to be expensive than the one for females. This is again because of the stereotype that men are usually seen as more reckless and careless drivers, especially male teens.

How can we avail of cheaper insurance plans for our teens then?

Firstly, shop around for the right car insurance for your child. It is very fortunate that there is a proliferation of online car insurance deals. In this age of high-end technology, it is important for us to utilize the comfort of finding the right car insurance plan that fits our need in cyberspace, given the almost infinite insurance deals available. There are a lot of different kinds of insurance plans that cater to different kinds of tastes and preferences, so take time to find the right and affordable insurance that covers the needs of our teens.

Secondly, it is very helpful for us to buy a second car. Obviously, older cars bring cheaper insurance plans as compared to more expensive cars. As we can see, new expensive cars usually bring with them higher risks, the reason why they hive more expensive insurance plans. Also, having an old car gives the option of availing a liability-only insurance package, which is cheaper.

Lastly, enrolling our teens to driving school helps a lot. Going to driving school actually makes our teens more cautious and safe drivers, and enables us to utilize discounts that several insurance companies offer regarding driving school discounts.