How can teens cut their car insurance premiums?


Teenage drivers who already own a vehicle and are facing high insurance rates must take a few steps to cut down on their car insurance premiums.  There are a number of ways where one can save on the car premiums and knock down all the extra costs.

The first thing that one must do is to install security features in your vehicle.  Most teenage students live in the University campus or the cities and their vehicles are at a high risk of being stolen.  In such instances, boosting the security features can be critical.  Make some arrangements to park the car in a garage overnight instead of parking it on the street.  Ensure that you fit the car with all the safety devices such as burglar alarms, trackers, immobilizers etc.  Remove the car stereo at night or have coded protection.  The more the number of features the better will be the insurance rates.

There are plenty of discounts available for teenagers especially in their age group.  There are many insurers who offer rapid bonus schemes and thereby allow teenagers to earn the whole year’s no-claim bonus within 9 months.  There are discounts offered on limited mileage or discounts for driving only during some parts of the day within restricted distances.

The other good option is to take a Pass Plus course.  This can be taken up immediately after clearing the drivers’ test.  Here there are tuitions given in for 6 hours in road conditions which you may not be too familiar with like driving on a motorway for instance, driving at night, or driving around large cities.  Some insurers cut premiums by 35% during the first year for students who complete this course.

If the parents have a good driving record, teens can take some advantage of that too.  Adding the names of one of the parent as a named driver will help knock off 5% of the premium.  However, never ask a parent to front a policy for you as this is not legal and might invalidate the insurance cover if you get caught.

The best place to shop around is online.  There are a whole lot of insurance companies and you could easily get a quote online.  Shop around for the insurance cover that is best suited for your needs.  Make adequate comparisons by using comparison websites which can do 100 comparisons in one search and then decide on the option that is the best for you.