How can teens and college students get discounts on auto insurance?


Teens and college students offer mixed prospects to auto insurance companies. They are unpredictable which is why auto insurance companies can find it hard to determine the auto insurance rates that can be offered to college going students and teenagers. Teenagers and college students, in most cases, are expected to drive less than a middle aged person with a day job. This is because the latter is always going to commute to office, thus travelling more miles every week than a teenager or a college student. However, what counts against them is the fact, that many teenagers and college going students are expected to be rash. That is why some of them get high auto insurance rates for the basic coverage.

There are certain tips though that will help in bringing down the auto insurance rates as far as teenagers are concerned. Just like credit scores are very important for a lot of car owners to get good insurance rates on account of their creditworthiness; similarly, high grade points are required for a college student to escape high auto insurance rates. Students with high grades are usually considered more mature. In other words, such students are less likely to be reckless. Such students are not expected to be driving around very carelessly and hence carry very low risk of meeting with an accident. This translates to lesser chances of the insurance company facing any insurance coverage claims. Therefore students, who intend to lower their premiums for coverage, have to get high grades at school and college.

There are quite a few driving certification exams, which the college student can apply for in order to prove his or her credentials as a safe driver. Safer a driver, lesser are the chances of an accident and hence lesser are the chances of the customers making any claims. Students will also need to show that their commute will only be occasional. That would further reduce the risk, thereby reducing the cost of auto insurance. Using public transportation for college and thereby lesser mileage on the car means less chances of meeting with an accident.

Another way, students can get discount is by clubbing their auto insurance along with their guardians’ or parents’ insurance policies. Multiple insurance policies will always attract greater privileges and discounts offered as they represent more business for the auto insurance company. The rates are also determined by the season, with some auto insurance companies raising the rates ahead of vacations.