How Can I Get A Lower Car Insurance Rate for My Teen?


The irony exists between car insurance rates given to teenagers and college students and to these young people’s financial capacity. People below 25 are most likely not to be making money for themselves yet. They are still clinging for parents’ support for all the resources they will need. Despite all of these, they are still the age group given the highest premium rates. Blame statistics for justifying this irony.

Being largely dependent on their parents when it comes to financial matters makes teens’ car insurances availing boil down as (actually) parents’ burden. Whether it is a family policy or a separate policy more often than not the amount needed is handled by moms and dads.

On one hand teenagers, being most directly concerned party in this case can do a lot of deals to have lower premium rates. By keeping good record in driving, keeping good grades in school, keeping good credit report or keeping the mileage of their driving low can all help get discounts and lower rates.

On the other hand, parents can also do several things with regards to this matter. Hands on in deciding what insurance company to get a policy for their kids are parents. Thus they must take advantage of this and pick the best one. As a profit-oriented business units, insurance companies might actually be eyeing on young drivers for more profit thus it is important to take time in browsing the net to check on different offers. Assess and analyze the options. Take advantage of the technology we are having nowadays for it offers the easiest way to compare services and prices of several insuring companies. It is also advisable to rely more on companies recognizing student discounts or even student loans.

Another thing that parents can do is to educate their teens about the ABCs of safely driving and traffic regulations. Also their physical presence during their kids’ driving elicits a better driving behavior than if their teens are with their friends or peers. So if at all possible have your kid drive you to work or to church, so a safer driving behavior will be practiced more often.

Associated with this, if a regular physical presence is not possible, parents can use technology to have their kids’ driving monitored. This monitoring device is relatively a new technology thus studies regarding this are still on going.

The monitoring unit which will be installed in the teen’s car has a global positioning system capabilities plus a satellite modem to transmit to a central processing center the data gathered. This has neither video nor sound but will record driving-specific data like over speeding, risky maneuvers, breaking sharply or not using seatbelts which will all be sent to parents’ website. Recent research results showed that this monitoring device reduces risky driving on teens’ part. For parents, one important thing to remember, just the mere thought that one is being monitored will cause changes in behavior, so take advantage of this.