How and where can I find cheap car insurance for my teenage kid?


There are a lot of ways on how a parent can save extra bucks on their kid’s car insurance. It is just a matter of using the right technique and looking for the right company. If you really are serious in finding cheap yet effective auto insurance, you should try to invest more time. Plan ahead and you surely will enjoy good deals and offers. The personal information of the one getting insured and the type of car driven are two factors that determine how much you have to pay for the insurance.

While insurance policies are generally costly, there are some ways on how premiums could be lowered down. Student discounts are sure ways to enjoy lower rates; here are some other ways on how you can do it:

Lower rates are definitely given to teenagers who adequate knowledge about the basics of driving. Getting a driving education sure is an added expense on your account but try to make some computation – you will realize that you can actually save more by letting your child take some driving lessons since they avoid traffic violation and they can also learn how to take better care of their cars (hence, you can deduction high maintenance costs). Besides the discount granted to young drivers with driving education, a fifteen percent discount is also granted to them when they are able to garner a 3.0 GPA or a B on their driving test.

Collision insurance is one of the most purchased insurance, for students who drive an old car or a new car which was already paid in full, such type is not recommended. Usually collision insurance is costly but there are a lot other options which provide the same services, hence you don’t need to purchase this policy.

High-powered and luxury cars will be very expensive to insure. If you are after cheap teen auto insurance, then make sure you purchase the right car for them – find a type which is suitable for a young student.

The location of the insurer is also an important factor. When a car is parked in an area where car theft is very prevalent, and then expects high premiums. A car which is subject to high risks is charged higher so make sure that you know what type of car you should go for. The National Insurance Crime Bureau can provide you of the complete list of cars which are most commonly stolen. You can’t compromise your child’s safety by buying him a fancy car; a car not suitable for young people his age.

Looking for the right and cheap teen car insurance should be coupled with a great deal of researching.