FAQ’s for Teens and College Students Thinking About Getting Auto Insurance


Doing your research for auto insurance for your car can be difficult especially if you don’t know the things that make up auto insurance and make it reliable. Being a teen driver (and/or a college student at the same time) you should know more about auto insurance. And you should know that it doesn’t mean that accidents are the only reason to get protected. Also, you should know what kinds of protection your auto insurance offers you.

What are the things that auto insurance covers?

Auto insurance doesn’t only cover your own safety during an accident but also your passenger/s, the other motorist and his/her passenger/s and especially your vehicle and the other motorist’s too. Auto insurance also covers the properties that are damaged in the accident.

 And, a common misconception about auto insurance is that it only gives protection for what is stated above, but it can also give you protection from other things that may cause damage to you and other motorists’ properties.

Auto insurance also gives you protection from theft and calamities and other things that may damage your vehicle. For example, you park your car in a public parking lot and then after an hour, you find out that your car got broken into and your stereo got stolen. The auto insurance will cover this as dictated in your terms and the company’s policies. It can also apply for natural calamities that may damage your vehicle.

How do I know what my insurance offers?

Aha. You should do your reading before you sign any contract about your auto insurance. The offers are so many that each company can have loads of coverage plans from which you may choose from. But there are two general categories that you must understand before you choose. These are collision and comprehensive.

What are these coverage categories for?

It is to explain to you, the potential auto insurance buyer, what the company will be willing to give you in exchange of acquiring their auto insurance. But there are still many things that can contribute to how much your insurance company will cover. You may want to read more and get help to better understand.

Collision coverage may not give you much coverage. Oftentimes, the coverage you get from this category is limited.

While Comprehensive coverage can cover more than what the collision category may offer you.  It can possibly cover all expenses involved in the accident to pay for damages, treatment bills etc. To put it even shorter, it can pay for all your needs in times of accidents. This coverage can and may also have a certain company policy limit.

However, you shouldn’t just pick one over the other just because it covers ‘more’ as you understand it. Different companies offer different coverage for both categories and they also base your coverage depending on your premium and other different things too.

So as a teen or student driver looking for good auto insurance, you should learn more things about it before choosing to avail of one.