Can teen parties be a threat to the safety of my child?


There are many dangers for teens when they go out to drive. Add this up with their curiosity and rebellion and you will really have to worry. Car insurance is one way to protect your teen in case they get into an accident. Imagine just waking up in the middle of the night and then hearing news that your teen was just involved in a car accident. This will probably make your heart beat faster and will make you worry.

There are stories about teen related car accidents. Many of them are heart breaking tragedies that could happen to any of us. What’s more painful is the fact that there are many things that you could have done to avoid this. Regret usually come in last when the damage is done and there is nothing left to do but to try to get to make things right.

Usual stories about teen car accidents involve drinking and driving. Your teen got invited to their friend’s party. There was nothing that you could do since your teen already decided to go no matter how much you beg them not to. They take the car with them and go out. You tried not to worry and just went to bed and hope that your teen will be safe.

In the party that your teen went to, it’s not difficult to imagine them drinking alcohol. One drink became two and two became three and three became four and so on. The night wore on and your teen got drunk. Teen mischief got the better of them and they wanted to go out and drive around.

No matter how good the driver, alcohol greatly diminishes a person’s ability to drive. It clouds the mind and makes decision making difficult. It also slows down a person’s reflexes and ability to react to whatever what might happen on the road. We also know that many teens want to drive fast. The faster the car the more difficult it is to control it. Connect them all together and you got a recipe for disaster.

There is a reason why it is prohibited for people to drink and drive. Teens know this but because they are still on their rebellious stage of development, they think little of this law. Peer pressure is also a factor here because teens that look for affection usually get it by showing off to friends.

As parents, we care about our children and think of their security. We should let our teens understand the dangers of indiscriminate partying and how it could put their lives in danger.