Age does matter: Why insurance for teens and college students expensive?


Being a teenager is costly. Indeed this is true in many aspects of life including car insurances.

All car insurance companies have this predefined notion that drivers below 25 years of age must be group on the other end of the continuum labeled as too risky. Insurance business is not just about providing one help with the coverages it is offering, of course. They must make money out of it and that is their business. Thus if a person is considered to be accident prone, he or she automatically is posting risk on the part of the insurance companies therefore the premium that will be given must be priced accordingly. If one is too risky, then one gets insured expensively.

Unfortunately for teens and college students, even before a car insurance company reviews their application, they are already categorized as risky thus given a rate 50% to 100% higher than those of other people.