Auto Insurance Questions & Answers

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  • Q: How do the basic Auto Insurance plans work?

    Although every driver in USA carries auto insurance, most of them will not have understood the complete dynamics of their coverage. Reading the fine print is always skipped out when signing up for a policy. Understanding how the policy works not only helps in getting to the claim money faster, but also helps to settle disputes better, if there are … (more) April 22, 2011

  • Q: What should you know about Auto Insurance Discounts for Student Drivers?

    Students going to college may need a car for variety of reasons including daily commute to college, getting around the campus for daily needs and so on. But driving a car means paying for auto insurance, which may be heavy on pockets of students. Teenagers and student drivers are considered reckless drivers by default in most of the insurance companies. … (more) April 21, 2011

  • Q: How can I reduce high premium rates?

    Buying auto insurance cannot be avoided and so understanding various policies and how the premiums can be lowered helps a lot in saving money. There are different reasons for high premium rates and it depends on various factors related to the geographical area. Below are the top reasons for high premium rates on auto insurance: Geographical area conditions influence … (more) April 20, 2011

  • Q: What things should you keep in mind while filing auto insurance claims?

    Auto insurance claims are not the easiest to deal with, given that auto insurance providers are looking to keep their expenditure to a minimum. However, from the perspective of a car owner, there are certain things to keep in mind after an accident when it is time to file for auto insurance claims. Do you need to file a claim? … (more) April 19, 2011

  • Q: What are the important aspects that help in understanding insurance coverage?

    Auto insurance involves a lot of dynamic parameters which create confusion and prevent standardisation of rates. This is why two customers get completely different auto insurance rates for the same kind of car, based on their profile. To get the best rates one might need to understand how auto insurance works. The bottom line is that insurance providers will provide … (more) April 18, 2011

  • Q: What are the factors that should be avoided to keep insurance rates low?

    It is quite possible to keep the auto insurance rates low if one plans it carefully. There are several factors that contribute to the auto insurance rates and car owners should understand what to do and what not to do, to keep the insurance rates low. Here are some things that car owners should avoid to ensure that their premium … (more) April 17, 2011

  • Q: How can you reduce auto insurance premium on a brand new car?

    When you buy a brand new car, auto insurance coverage for collisions, liability and even comprehensive insurance cannot be avoided. This is because damage repairs are usually very high for new cars, compared to older ones. Considering this, even auto insurance providers choose to keep the insurance premium high for brand new cars. Therefore car owners need to come up … (more) April 16, 2011

  • Q: How can you lower auto insurance rates for teens and college students?

    Auto insurance providers offer different kinds of rates to different kinds of people. The premiums differ from working professionals to housewives, seniors to teens and college students. The bottom line is that the insurance rates go up for those who are considered risky by the insurance provider. In recent times, a major percentage of accidents have involved teenagers. That is … (more) April 15, 2011

  • Q: How to start planning for auto insurance?

    Most of us are capable of earning well by exploiting opportunities, but there are very few among us who can plan their expenses well. At the end of the day, each of us is looking for a comfortable life today and good savings for the future. In such a case, planning for auto insurance may seem like a huge responsibility … (more) April 14, 2011

  • Q: How can I minimize my auto insurance premiums?

    There is no end to people sulking about increasing prices each day and there is no end to how they try to cut their costs in every possible way. A common man’s life is constantly talking of trade offs to make sure he can meet ends and also save for the future. Even in such cases, there is no escape … (more) April 13, 2011

  • Q: What are the specifications that matter for your auto insurance quotes?

    Finding auto insurance quotes is not a tough task considering the new age of technology simplifying your tasks. You do not even have to spend hours together to know about all your options. You only have to be smart in making your choices though. When information is so easily reachable, there is also a risk of getting misled with too … (more) April 12, 2011

  • Q: How to select the right car so I pay less for auto insurance?

    There are a million suggestions about which vehicle you have to buy. Be it the color, be it the luxury, it simply has to be the best. But have you ever realized that the selection will also add to the auto insurance amount you have to pay? Luxury comes at an extra cost and quite literally so. The luxury cars, … (more) April 11, 2011

  • Q: How can I ensure that my auto insurance claim does not get rejected?

    One of the pet peeves of people from all over the world with regard to auto insurance is the way in which the insurers process their claims. There are very few car insurance providers who can boast of a quick turnaround time when it comes to disbursing the claim amount to the policy holder. This is further fueled by the … (more) April 10, 2011

  • Q: What are the key auto insurance basics to be aware of before buying the policy?

    Every state law requires motorists to have some kind of basic auto insurance cover.  However, you must understand that you don’t have to purchase just what the state laws prescribe.  In fact, you can always purchase additional insurance cover over and above what the state requires.  This way you will get better protection in the event of an accident. First … (more) April 10, 2011

  • Q: What should I keep in mind while choosing the best auto insurance coverage?

    Before choosing any type of auto insurance coverage it is important to understand the basics of auto insurance coverage and the factors that influence the auto insurance coverage.  Every car owner must understand the basics in order to be able to choose the right type of coverage.  If you don’t do this exercise then you might end up paying huge … (more) April 9, 2011

  • Q: What is the meaning of personal injury protection claim?

    PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection and is one of the covers offered in auto insurance.  Here the policy holder is allowed to make a claim in the event of an accident and the insurance provider will cover the damages depending on the policy that is taken.  Medical costs are covered under this plan and in some cases lost wages; … (more) April 8, 2011

  • Q: What are the main types of insurance coverage that are beneficial to all?

    Auto insurance is generally misunderstood by most people but it is simple if one understands the basics of auto insurance.  The basic coverage means the type of coverage that is required in order to drive legally.  Comprehensive cover means coverage for the vehicle as well as the passengers in the vehicle.  There are different types of auto insurance coverage, but … (more) April 7, 2011

  • Q: What are some of the most common types of auto insurance claims?

    Auto insurance is mandatory in the US and it is mandatory for every motorist to have at least the minimum auto insurance coverage.  Auto insurance is an absolute necessity and ideally every motorist must have adequate auto insurance coverage.  However, there are still a good number of uninsured motorists on the road and it is not the best situation. Even … (more) April 6, 2011

  • Q: Is it possible to avail cheap auto insurance for teenagers?

    Teenaged drivers have the worst driving records when compared to any other age group.  Hence they are considered the high-risk age group and statistics have shown that most of the casualties that occur are in the 17-year-old age groups.  This is largely due to the fact that most teenaged drivers lack the experience on road.  Another reason could be the … (more) April 5, 2011

  • Q: Is auto insurance for the teenage driver an absolute necessity?

    Teenage drivers must be insured adequately as they belong to the high-risk groups.  It is not easy for a parent who has a teenage driver at home.  One would typically go through a gamut of mixed emotions – having a grown up son or daughter who can drive can be a proud moment mixed with some anxiety as well.  Youngsters … (more) April 4, 2011