Within how many days should a person collect the GAP insurance claim when the car is totaled in an accident?


This would depend on the exact terms of the GAP insurance policy. If the primary insurance company had declared the car as a total loss, then the GAP insurance company should be immediately notified. The primary insurance company would estimate the actual cash value of the car. Based on that estimation, the GAP insurer would determine the amount that would be paid on the GAP policy. If the GAP insurer is not informed immediately about the car being totaled and the estimated actual cash value of the car, the GAP insurance company would question why it was not immediately informed of the developments. The GAP payment would be unnecessarily delayed. The time that would be taken for the GAP payment should be clearly discussed with the GAP insurance company before the GAP policy is purchased. The insurance regulator of the state would also be able to explain the state insurance laws in this matter.