What would happen when an uninsured person was at fault for an accident and is sued in a court of law?


If an uninsured person is sued in a court for being at fault in an accident, that person should have to personally arrange for defending the lawsuit. This would require the engagement of an experienced auto accident lawer who could represent, defend, and advise that person in the court. The fee of the attorney and the other court-related costs would have to be borne by the uninsured person, even if the court determines that he/she was not legally responsible for that particular accident.

On the other hand, if that person was charged with the liability for the damages occurred in the accident, the court would pass a judgement against that person for a specified amount as compensation to the other party. If the damages or the injuries had been heavy, such a judgement amount could be quite large, running into hundreds of thousands of dollars. If the uninsured person is unable to pay the full judgement amount, the other person could file another suit to collect the amount. Further failure could result in the seizure of the assets of the uninsured person or even imprisonment.