What Kinds Of Insurance Coverages Can I Choose From?


Sometimes, the different types of car insurance coverage’s can be quite confusing. Even old-time car insurance policy users still have trouble when deciding to shift from one insurance coverage to another.

And so, for car insurance policy hunters, here are some information on the most common insurance coverage’s you can choose from.

  1. Liability Coverage
    This type of coverage includes expenses for damages or any form of injury. This coverage is sometimes divided into two major categories:

    a. Bodily injury coverage, which includes medical expenses for either party concerned, as well as payment for lost wages or salary of the parties involved.
    b. Property damages coverage, which includes payments for damaged cars or property.

    Liability coverage may also include payments for defense as well as court expenses.

  2. Comprehensive Coverage
    Comprehensive coverage includes payment or compensation for vehicle damages or loss brought about by events outside of an automobile accident, such as acts of nature (fire, wind, hail, flood, etc.) or acts of man (vandalism and theft).
  3. Medical Coverage
    From its name alone, medical coverage pays for automobile-related health emergency expenses. However, what is different with this coverage is that you may avail of the benefits regardless whether you are the one at fault for the accident or not.
  4. Collision Coverage
    Collision covers expenses needed for the replacement or repair of car damages brought about by the collision of your car with another automobile, object or structure.
  5. Rental Reimbursement Coverage
    This coverage provides for the payment or reimbursement of a rental car which you may use in cases where your own car was stolen or damaged due to an accident. It also includes an allowance provided daily for the rental car.
  6. Uninsured Motorist Coverage
    This type of car insurance coverage allows you to pay for your own car’s damages in cases of automobile accidents where the one at fault for the accident is not properly insured.
  7. Underinsured Motorist Coverage
    Similar to the Uninsured Motorist Coverage, this type of coverage provides for your expenses in cases of accidents where the one at fault is underinsured.
  8. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage
    Almost similar to Medical Coverage, the PIP covers expenses for the insured individual due to a car accident, regardless whether the said person is responsible for the accident or not.