What is car insurance theft coverage?


Car theft can really affect you especially your car insurance premiums. It is estimated that at least 1 million cars are stolen every year in America and every 27 seconds a car is stolen. 

Car theft and vandalism can affect insurance rates of drivers especially those drivers located in certain locations that cannot secure regular car insurance policy because of the risk of vehicle theft.

Worse you will end up paying for your increased policy rates because of car theft.  You will also receive higher rate from your insurance provider if your car is considered a high risk for theft.

Luckily, automobile theft is covered by your car insurance policy’s comprehensive coverage. The rate you will be paying for your comprehensive coverage is also the rate determined by the probability of your car being stolen.

 Aside paying for the losses resulting from collision, your comprehensive coverage will also pay for the damage to your car if it is stolen. This type of coverage is limited to the terms and conditions contained in the policy you have.

To lower the cost of insurance premium, you can have higher deductible. For example, if you set your deductible at $1,000 and your car damage total cost is $1,500, you will pay $1,000 and your car insurance company will only pay you $500.

Your car insurance provider can review the car theft rates in your area and whether your car model can be frequently under attack by thieves.

As a remedy for auto theft, you should choose cars with  low car insurance rates.  You must make a research about cars that are often targeted by thieves. Your car insurance premium is determined by many factors including its potential for auto theft. 

You can have alarm or anti-theft device for your car to discourage thieves. You can have discount from your insurance company if you have an alarm system.

Never also leave your car running with the keys inside of the ignition and remember to lock you car doors.  Thieves are quick enough to take off with your car.

You can also keep your car from thieves by keeping items hidden from other people’s sight. Thieves can also target your purse, packages and other essential files on your car.  They can take away your cell phones and credit cards. You can opt to tint your car windows to keep passers-by from looking into looking what’s inside your car.

You can discourage theft and the methods mentioned above can help you to get discounts on your car insurance rate.