What are the similarities and differences of First Party Benefits Medical Coverage from Medical Payments Coverage?


Getting a coverage which will insure not only you, but also the people injured in the accident, is a good investment for protection. However, sometimes the different insurance coverage is so confusing. They use different names, but the benefits and the people qualified to receive benefits are almost similar.

First Party Benefits is a multi area insurance cover scheme. This scheme is almost similar to Medical Payments Coverage as to people who will receive the benefits. Both kinds of coverage give benefits to the policy holder, drivers listed on the policy, family members and relatives living in the same household of the policy holder. That means, the parents, siblings, grandparents and children can avail of the benefits as long as they stay in the same household.

However, regular passengers in the car of the policy holder who met an accident can claim benefits under the Medical Payment Coverage. First Party Benefits-Medical Coverage does not include them.

People secured by Medical Payment Coverage can still claim benefits regardless of who is the “guilty” driver. Claiming of benefits is also possible, even when the insured victim was injured while riding in someone’s car. The person is still covered when a car hits him or her while walking or crossing the street. Remember that getting hit by a car while biking still qualifies the victim to receive medical treatment.

For a First Party Benefits Coverage holder, he or she can claim benefits when injury occurs in a car accident. Limits and coverage vary from state to state. That is why, before deciding to purchase this coverage, it is best to read the coverage limits.

This coverage offers a lot of benefits to those insured clients who will meet car accident.
Besides the expected nursing and ambulance service, immediate medical service is given. That means, medical supplies and medications are consequently part of the benefits. In case surgical treatment is needed, financial problem is not anymore a hindrance since the insurance company will handle the expenses too.

There are times that the accident caused amputation so prosthetic devices are also needed. This is automatically included in the paid coverage. If the teeth and eyes suffered minor to major damages, dental and optometric services can be given.

For injuries causing further treatment for mobilization and speech, physical therapy and speech therapy are just some of the rehabilitative services covered in the insurance.

Choosing the best coverage that will protect you from physical injuries can be confusing but researching and asking help from an insurance agent will make things clearer.