What are the advantages and disadvantages of budget insurance companies?


Before purchasing car insurance, you must consider a variety of factors, including what kind of car you have, your driving record, and the amount of money you are willing to pay. Understanding the simple basics of car insurance makes you confident that the policy you will choose will take care of your needs during unwanted circumstances. However, due to financial limitations we compromise the important considerations when choosing car insurance.

With the financial crisis experienced by almost everyone, there are small time companies offering cheap and discounted services. They are the so called “budget” companies. From the name itself, they give services at a much lower price, with a claim that they serve as excellent as those expensive car insurance companies.

People who are trying to save money might find this advantageous. Not only have those who are saving money, but also those who just want to comply with the requirements in registering a car. True enough, they are able to save, as well as comply to the car registration requirements but they will find out in the long run that they will spend more when unwanted circumstances happen. In a time of closures and bail-outs, it really appears practical for a car owner to avail of this low payment.

If you look closely to these “well budgeted” companies, they don’t offer a good coverage, which will turn out to be a great sacrifice on the part of the driver. These budget companies offer basic coverage only, which is actually a consequence of the low payment they ask from the client. These clients will discover sooner or later that the advantage they thought becomes a disadvantage when they file for claims after accidents.

Getting claims seem to be harder than applying for car insurance and registration. The processing of claims is time consuming, unless you know of some people you can ask favor from. Even though you have those people to do some favors for you, it is still very discouraging to receive an amount that does not cover all the expenses you spent in repairing your car or paying hospital bills of people involved. Truly, it was not an advantage after all.

On the other hand, if you consider other companies for your car security, you have better coverage. It is wise to shop around first before making a decision. There are policies in some companies which when scrutinized are just as good enough as those “budget” companies. Car owners are greatly advised to check available discounts which can lessen premium without sacrificing coverage.