What are some medical / health-related insurance coverage?


Indeed, there are different types of insurance coverage related to health assistance. There is the First Party Benefits – Medical, which is actually a category that covers more than a few areas of insurance coverage. Should one meet an accident or so, services such as related medical and surgical treatment, essential dental, psychiatric, psychological, rehabilitative services (physical therapy, etc.), and optometric treatments. Also, ambulance and nursing assistance and other required medications, medical supplies, and prosthetic devices are covered. The previously mentioned services are basic benefits granted to the insured driver, but there may be some variations depending on the state.

The First Party Benefits category assures one of these services in the event that the need crops up for the insured driver or the policyholder and his or her passengers. Also covered are other drivers (family members or friends, perhaps) listed on the policy or contract, and relatives living in the same house hold.

A similar type of insurance coverage is the Medical Payments (MEDPM) coverage. MEDPM covers hospital bills and other medical operating costs for the insured person and his or her passengers in case of accidents. This coverage differs in First Party Benefits – Medical in that MEDPM applies to the policy-holder regardless of who is at fault. Another difference is that the MEDPM covers your expenses in the event that you or your family members are injured as pedestrians, or as passengers in somebody else’s vehicle.

To elaborate, the Medical Payments coverage offers assistance to the policy-holder, the driver (in cases when the policy-holder is not the driver), family members, relatives living in the same household, and passengers of the driver. However, it must be noted that since the services offered by MEDPM coverage is extremely similar to Health insurance policies, people may choose not to avail of this and opt for the other.

The Accidental Medical Protection Plan (AMPP), meanwhile, covers the policy-holder and his or her family while driving or riding in another’s vehicle. AMPP is more convenient for a family if the policy-holder includes his or her relatives in a Family Plan. Moreover, the Accidental Medical Protection Plan covers expenses on tire changing, towing, battery changes or fixing, gas, oil and water deliveries, and lockout services. The extent of the assistance AMPP provides is per incident, per period, respectively, and medical costs are disbursed without the need for deductible.

Then there is the Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) coverage, which covers funeral expenses for you and your family members in case of death or bodily injury sustained in an accident.