How to lower auto insurance without sacrificing coverage?


It is a big mistake to sacrifice auto insurance coverage in order to lower your auto insurance premium. In fact a lot of car owners, don’t have any qualms driving with just the mandatory insurance coverage which will not be of any benefit to them, in case of mishaps. Auto insurance coverage, whether it is comprehensive insurance, collision coverage or personal injury protection will always pay for itself eventually. Even if you are a safe driver, there is always the risk that the other driver isn’t. In fact, there are special cases where the other driver doesn’t have third party liability insurance, thereby leaving you to take care of your own damage costs. Uninsured motorist coverage could have helped in that case.

The first thing auto insurance customers have to realize is that getting a complete package of insurance coverage will not cost a lot extra, especially when you shop well and then negotiate well for lower premiums. Secondly auto insurance customers should observe that with the added coverage, they can drive their cars with a lot less anxiety which itself makes the coverage worth its cost. Most importantly, the car owners must realize that there are a few foolproof ways to earn discounts on their auto insurance which can get them added coverage without much extra cost.

If you have a house or a health insurance, combining it with auto insurance will make you a preferred customer for the auto insurance company. This alone would suffice to get you a handy discount from the auto insurance provider. Similarly, you can combine your auto insurance policy with that of your spouse’s or parents’ and get good discounts too. This is a way employed by many auto insurance customers to lower their premium.

If you drive safely your auto insurance premium will always be much lower than what it could be. So ensuring that you don’t make traffic violations or attract speeding tickets from the cops, could be a good way of planning ahead. You could use your impeccable driving record to get discounts on your policy when you are renewing it the following year. Making your car safer is another way of attracting auto insurance discounts. This could be through navigation systems, side air bags, anti theft mechanisms, etc. You can also request for a higher deductible, which will lower your auto insurance premium while providing some cushion in case of accidents.