How do certain facts about cars impact auto insurance premiums?


Auto insurance monthly premiums is an expense that occurs every month in the budget, so understanding what is being paid for, is important. When choosing the coverage, things that can affect the auto insurance premiums must be considered carefully, to avoid being overcharged. Below listed are some of the facts that can affect the premium rates of the insurance policies:

Car-related facts:

Some facts related to the model of the car can be the reason for higher premium rates:

  • The model of the car and the make can affect the premium rates. Some models are known to be safer on roads than others, so those models will be charged lower premiums. If the car is too old at the time of insuring it, the insurance companies may charge higher premium since old cars are less bankable. Sports cars, expensive cars and luxurious cars are costlier to insure, while economic cars and cars that have safer statistics on roads are much cheaper to insure. Considering a change of model can save a lot of money in terms of premium, and can also save money in terms of fuel.
  • Mileage of the car also can be the reason for higher premium rates, which very few people know about. The greater the time car spends on the road, the higher probability of accidents. So driving within the set mileage limit every month can get deeper discounts on monthly premiums.
  • Security devices installed on the cars can get insurance discounts, and very few insurance companies advertise that. So enquiring about such discounts prior to signing deals can help in getting discounts. Every security device installed like air bags, auto seat belt lock and the likes can gain more and more discounts when it comes to insurance policies.
  • Insuring more than one car can get more discounts in terms of premiums. Insuring every car in the family may work out to be the cheapest, with every member of the family getting discounts on their premiums. Teenagers can be added onto the policy with add-on policies that can save further money.
  • If the cars have a history of accidents premium rates would go up without doubts. But if there are improved security measures added onto the car after the accident, the rates may still be lower.

Avoiding the auto insurance because the premium rates are high is not a good idea at all. But by managing the insurance premiums by taking certain necessary steps keeping the above factors in mind can sure guarantee savings by means of discounts.