Does full coverage help when one’s car is stolen?


It is a very depressing situation when your car is stolen. Especially when you have a lifestyle that is actually on the go, or if you desperately need your car in your job, losing it to thieves may not only mean headaches, but actually involves in the problem how would you bring your children to school, or how would you pay for your expenses. Truly, if we have a choice, we would not let our car be stolen. The problem is, although we do our best to take care of our automobile, the risk of our car falling victim to theft do not go away. In these times of economic difficulty, it is important not to take chances, especially if it involves our job or even our lifestyle to be affected at the end of the day.

In this situation, availing full coverage proves to be very valuable. Full coverage is not only limited to liability coverage (which covers only damage caused to others due to car accidents), or collision coverage (which covers only damage caused by collisions to things or other people). Full coverage includes in its scope comprehensive coverage, which covers damages other than collision, meaning, includes natural disasters and car theft. In short, full coverage gives you the most comprehensive and extensive coverage for total protection of your car.

However, there are also some limitations. Full coverage does not guarantee that they would also pay the price of lost fuel along with your stolen car. The reason behind this is the fact that it is virtually impossible for car insurance companies to verify the amount of gas that your car carries at the time that it is stolen. With regards to other circumstances, it depends on the insurance policy whether it would be covered or not. One example for these expenses on repair or cleaning; not all car insurance companies cover this, although some do so.

In these circumstances, it is very important to fully comprehend what does our car insurance policy has to offer. This is very important for us to understand better what we can claim from our insurers, or even for us to decide better whether to file claims to our car insurance company or not. For instance, if we recovered our car, and is not damaged but only suffered dirt due to the places it was driven through, it is even cheaper for us to drive our car and pay its cleaning expenses on our own than to file a claim and pay our deductibles.