Does Comprehensive Coverage protect one’s car from theft and damages not caused by car accidents?


Thieves are all around. They don’t only get into houses and rob you of your precious small items and hidden money. They can just get into your car even without the key and drive it away. You do not catch them easily, because they have been trained to move so fast. You will notice it only when you hear your car being driven. Even with the presence of an alarm which is suppose to be to save you from such people, may fail to do its purpose.

You just find yourself in great trouble because you need you car badly in your job. It is just like a runner who lost his feet suddenly in an accident. You also feel like a handicapped now. Not only you, but your children also lost their transportation in going to school. You reported it to the police but days passed without any good news from them. It is really a big loss since your car has been literally your feet in the past, especially if you live in a suburban area.

You are now forced to buy another, but you have a financial problem, so you cannot get one immediately. However, with the help of Comprehensive Coverage, you can have your money back to buy another car. It is not only during car accidents that you have your protection, but even when your car is stolen.

It is also unavoidable no matter how much you take care of your car when gangs or wicked people mercilessly found your car a good target for having fun. They broke the glass with stone and hit the lights and door with a baseball bat. They even sprayed it with paint. It is absolutely vandalism, and it is punishable by law regardless of the location. When this people just considered your car as a beautiful freedom wall, this insurance covers the repair of your car.

In addition to car theft and human destruction, protection from natural disaster is also covered. These natural disasters include hailstone and flood. Hailstone is unprecedented, so you don’t have a chance to move your car immediately for safety. This disaster can leave damages when they are big enough. Even floods can literally transfer your car and just bump it into anything which can damage it.

Securing your properties like your car from these uncontrolled events may be done through a Comprehensive Coverage, which now becomes a necessity.