Does a Liability Coverage really save money compared to a Full Coverage?


The answer to this question is“yes” if we consider monthly payments. If the car driver or owner is just concerned of having a car insurance to comply with car registration requirements, Liability Coverage really saves money.

Liability coverage is actually good if the policy owner is confident with his driving skills. That means the driver has a low tendency of meeting an accident or inflicting harm to others, as well as physically harming or to damage properties.

You need to understand that real saving is only determined by monthly payments. Real insurance includes when you and others are covered from financial loss due to accidents. When it comes to claim, Liability Coverage has limited options compared to Full Coverage.

Full Coverage is often recommended when it comes to getting the claims. This coverage will have the policyholder satisfied. It is often preferred amongst its counterparts because it almost covers all types of damage your car or another car might incur during an accident.

This would mean, your car, which you value, is also covered. Consequently, your financial investment to your means of transportation is not lost.

You also have protection from huge financial loss because Full Coverage includes hospital bills, x-rays, surgery bills to the continuation of income if necessary.

When you purchase a Liability Coverage, it will not cover you from natural disaster. If it is the wrath of nature that you are facing, you will never win. In a year, natural disaster happens more than once. The earth shakes and something crashes on your car. Sometimes, it is totally damaging when it falls from where it is parked. When bad luck knocks and hurricane just twist your car up and throws it away, you cannot do anything but be thankful that you were not inside it. Big hailstones can suddenly fall and break the glasses of your car.

If your car is not damaged by accident due to reckless driving and nature, your car can still be damaged by fire and human attack. People can just break your window shield and any part using a baseball bat. Not all of these are caused by collision with the other car, but the extent of damage to your car is great.

In all of these possibilities that can cause damage to your car, an insurance coverage that will only include the other driver’s car and safety does not really save money in the end. When you invest wisely, you really save money.