Are There Any Other Additional Policies Out There That I Can Avail Of?


There are actually quite a number of policies other than the basic coverage that you can avail of. Some of these policies are more minor and specific as compared to the more the basic and general coverage and others are only available in certain states.  Below is a list of some other coverage types that you might be interested in.

Personal Injury Protection Coverage

A personal Injury protection package covers the medical and funeral expenses of the person insured his passengers and pedestrians that got hit during the accident. This insurance package covers the bearer regardless of fault. This insurance package however is only available in certain states. This coverage has proven to benefit those who have no health insurance and people who frequently drive with passengers. Even if this benefits people without health insurance it is still strongly advised that you get health insurance.

Basic and Additional Reparation Benefits

Basic and reparation benefits can cover your medical bills to an amount stated in your policy. Some states allow additional reparation benefits which will be used to extend your basic reparation benefits. This coverage is not mandatory. 

First Party Benefits – Medical (FPB or MEDEX)

First Party Benefits covers insurance coverage for members of your household and drivers listed on the policy if any are injured in an accident. Medical coverage differs per state but basically covers the same people involved. There are instances where first Party benefits are offered as a package such as death or income loss to add to the coverage.

Medical Payments

Medical payments cover your medical expenses and your passengers who are injured in an accident.  You can also claim this in an event that you experience a motor vehicle accident even if you are not in a motor vehicle (an example would be you experience an accident as a pedestrian) The policy applies regardless of who is at fault. Medical payments can also be a good policy with your life insurance.

Work Loss

Work loss covers you and you passengers recover wages that you lost because of accident related injuries. Though often a rare case, it is often worth the price if the event of an accident does actually come your way.

Rental Car Reimbursement

Rental car reimbursement is a simple coverage that covers the rental of a car come the event that your insured car is not drivable or is undergoing repair because of an accident covered by your insurance.