Will working with a car insurance agent versus one online one be more beneficial with regards to my car insurance claims?


The internet is a surefire way to get hold of any kind of information these days. Though it also has its disadvantages (like the rampant cases of identity theft crimes), it cannot be denied that it can sometimes replace a car insurance agent in some cases. If you only want to compare car insurance quotes, then going online seems to be the practical choice. Depending on the range of your needs, working with a car insurance agent still proves to be better than having your deals closed with a virtual assistant.

There are two kinds of car insurance agents. One kind is called “captive agent” and the other is called “independent” or ‘broker.” The difference between the two, aside from the terms used to describe them is: a captive agent represents a single car insurance company while an independent or broker agent represents several insurance companies. Working with a captive agent will help you concentrate on a company’s contract and benefits especially when it comes to your car insurance claims. On the other hand, working with an independent car insurance agent will give you options since he represents several companies with several car insurance plans.

Captive or independent, the advantage of working with a car insurance agent is that they have already studied the policies of car insurance companies and they have answers to any question you have in mind. You can also ask an agent to help you check the strength of a certain company by studying its ratings and history to screen prospective insurers. Agents can also teach you to use complaint ratios as a basis on choosing car insurance companies.

To make sure that you will be getting your car insurance claim without any hassles, be sure to report a vehicular accident within 7 days prior to the said accident. During the accident itself, immediately notify your car insurance company. Usually, a representative will deal with you and he will work with law enforcement officers to determine who is at fault. Remember not to dismiss you car insurance representative of its responsibility until the damages between you and the other car involved are settled. This is to make sure that you are getting the car insurance claim you have been paying for.

The benefits of working with a car insurance agent are endless. On your part as a client, be sure that you understand their contract before affixing your signature, practice good driving habits, and never drink and drive.