Will insurance company pay for fuel or cleaning stolen vehicle?


In the event of theft, one would make claim in accordance with particular auto insurance plan. Fuel or gas will not typically be insured by insurance scheme since they have no way to make sure how much gas or fuel the car had when it was stolen. 

When it comes to cleaning of the car, it may not or may be insured by one’s comprehensive coverage, one will have to go through the conditions of policy. 

If the vehicle was not scratched, but driven in sludge, had all things trickled inside, then probably the overall worth to get car cleaned will be less than deductible cash for the comprehensive coverage and in this way one would intend to shell out for all this on his/her own rather than making claim. 

If the car thief has been caught and has bills of fuel or cleaning car, that were not remunerated by insurance firm, one can decide about taking some legal action in court against thief for compensation of such amount. To make sure if the policy covers stolen car’s gas or fuel, one should read the terms and conditions of scheme and discuss with his/her agent.